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How Does It Work?

Swalloo is a full food ordering system for your restaurant. We give you a custom control panel where you can easily add or remove menu items, a beautiful restaurant website and other tool such as daily specials, Facebook food ordering system and much more.

This is how it works:


Step 1

Customers come to your website or find you at and start browsing through your menu

restaurant website


Customers find your Facebook page and browse through your food menu right on Facebook

facebook food ordering


Step 2

Customers add food items to a cart, choose "take out" or "delivery" and make a payment using any major credit or debit card

food order request


Step 3

You'll receive the food order request instantly on your Swalloo APP on your tablet or phone. You will then tell the system how long it will take to prepare and deliver the food, and your customer will be notified.

Online Food System


That's it! Swalloo is easy and simple for your restaurant and your customers. Your restaurant will be featured in our portal,

With thousands of daily visits, it's one of the best food-dedicated portals on the web.

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Facebook food ordering system   Facebook food ordering system   Facebook food ordering system   Facebook food ordering system


0% commissions. Keep more of your hard earned money!

Swalloo system

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