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food ordering system

Food Ordering System

Swalloo is an online food ordering system for restaurant owners. Our system offers peace of mind and a hassle-free restaurant food ordering system and mobile food ordering system.

Our Swalloo food ordering system was made with you in mind. You are an independent restaurant owner who wants to be successful in a very competitive business. You don’t have the staff, ability or time to manage an effective online presence which you know you need in order to increase your business. Swalloo gives you all of the tools you need to look great online and GROW your business.

Swalloo is EASY to use and maintain. We give you a custom control panel where you can easily add or remove menu items, post your daily specials, control your entire website and much more

Swalloo helps to keep your customers coming back! Your ordering system automatically saves your customer’s information in an easy to use email list. We make it easy for you to send them emails with promotions, coupons and specials. When your customers click on the offer, they are brought directly into your online takeout menu with the discount already applied, ready to place their order! We are considered by many the best online food ordering system on the market today.

Add to any website

All Swalloo packages comes with a full customized website that shows beautifully on computers, mobile phones and tables, but what if you already have a website? If that’s your case, you can keep your existing website and we will add our food ordering system to it.

Swalloo works side by side with your existing pages and follows the same style of your template.

If you wish to have a new unique website made for your restaurant with special components and modules along with our online food ordering system, we also offer a full range of web design services.

Online food ordering system

Facebook Food Ordering

Facebook ordering

Let your Facebook followers order food right on your Facebook page. Our easy to install Facebook food ordering system works with your Swalloo system and no extra work is needed.

After clicking the “See MENU and Order” button, Facebook will display a new page with menu options.

Through our app, your hungry customers won’t have to leave your Facebook page to place an online order.

Customers can easily place online orders, and your Facebook page becomes more interactive than ever.

Receive orders using our app

Our mobile app for iOS and Android let’s you receive instant push notifications on your smartphone or tablet every time your customers place an order. Never miss an order again with unreliable fax services and slow POS systems.

Never miss an order again with unreliable fax services and slow POS systems. As soon as a customer places an order, you get notified. The order is time stamped and a time tracking clock is placed next to each order, giving you the ability to view order times for food preparation

We’ve covered all the bases, from menu to checkout. Get started like a pro with a free stock of delicious food images, friendly order customization and simplified checkout.

Restaurant Food Ordering System

0% commissions. Keep more of your hard earned money!

Swalloo system

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